Realistic traffic v5.6 by Rockeropasiempre for 1.35.x ETS2

Realistic traffic v5.6 by Rockeropasiempre for 1.35.x ETS2

Realistic traffic 5.6 by Rockeropasiempre for 1.35.x

Mod update

The mod manages traffic in a fluid and constant way. There is always traffic, both at night
as of day.
It contains the base game traffic + added traffic, which is detailed in the description,
and all AI Traffic, contains its own sounds.

The “WITH EXTRAS” version will no longer exist. All the extra sounds disappeared, and only
AI traffic are included.

Instructions in the mod information in Spanish, English, German, Russian and Polish.
– Place this mod, on top of maps or mods of AI traffic.
– If you use Sound Fixed Pack, you have to put Sound Fixed Pack, on top of this mod.
– The mod contains the base game traffic + added traffic.
– Traffic IA, contains its own sounds.
– IA traffic behavior different from the base game.
– Little patient drivers with the horn.
– They return quickly after having an accident.
– Moderate level of AI behavior in times of safety and caution.
– They warn with the turn signals more time the change of lane.
– Lane changes on the AI ​​motorway, more prolonged. They take more time to advance.
– Spaced the safety distances of car trucks, and buses.
– Reduction of waiting times at traffic lights, and train level crossings.
– Customs processing time, halved.
– Reduction of refueling times, for all AI vehicles.
– Reduction in crossing times, Ceda el Paso, and Stop, of AI vehicles.
– Reduction of traffic light times in random events of road works.
– They are gradually interspersed, so as not to create traffic jams, at crossings and fast track additions.
– This reduces the time we will be standing, and offers a more fluid driving.
– Moderate increase in the amount of general AI, so as not to create lag on weak computers.
– Traffic on fast and secondary roads, always moderate, so as not to travel alone, day or night.
– Constant and moderate traffic in cities. For all types of vehicles.

Compatible with all maps and all dlc’s of the game.

Compatible with all IA traffic packs-mods.

AI traffic contains its own sounds.

Base Vehicles + Sound:

AI vehicles of the base game, with their own sounds:

Audi A6, Bmw 5, Citroen C3, Citroen C4, Citroen 2Cv, Dennis Dagger Firefighters,
Dumont 47, Fiat Ducato, Fiat Panda, Mercedes Econic Garbage Collection,
Foxom Firefighters, Foxom Garbage Collection, Mercedes GLB 2019, Mazda CX3,
Neoplan Tourliner, Opel Astra, Renault Clio, Renault Megane,
Tatra T815 Firefighters, Volkswagen Transporter, Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance,
Volvo XC70

Daf XF, Daf XF Euro 6, Iveco Hiway, Ivecho Stralis, kamaz 43118, Man TGX,
Mercedes Actros, Mercedes New Actros, Renault Magnum, Renault Premium,
Scania R, Scania R and S 2016, Scania Streamline, Volvo FH 2009,
Volvo FH 2012, Zil 4331.

Added Vehicles + Sound:

Citroen Gs, Quad Kvadro, Renault 9, Renault 11, Renault 18,
Taxi Ford Crown Victoria, Tractor, Volvo XC70 with Skin Race,
Volkswagen Beetle 63.

Buses Added with Skins + Sound:

Panoramic Bus dd 6×2 (6 Skins).
Marco Polo Paradiso G6 1800 6×2 (10 Skins).
Marco Polo 1800 8×4 (17 Skins).
Ikarus 255 (12 Skins).
Maruti (5 Skins).
Masafi (5 Skins).
Temsa Opalín (50 Skins).

Changes in V 5.6:

Corrected texture error in Volkswagen Transporter T6.
New Texture skin for caravan on tour. The old Green Skin disappears.
New Vehicles added:
Citroen Gs.
Renault 9.
Renault 11.
Renault 18.
Ford Crown Victoria taxi.

New Buses added:
Panoramic Bus dd 6×2 (6 Skins).
Ikarus 255 (12 Skins).
Marco Polo 1800 8×4 (17 Skins).
Marco Polo Paradiso G6 1800 6×2 (10 Skins).
Maruti (5 Skins).
Masafi (5 Skins).
Temsa Opalín (50 Skins).

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Winrar File Weight: 414.9 Mb

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