Traffic Pack by GAARAA v1.5 ETS2

Traffic Pack by GAARAA v1.5 ETS2

Traffic Pack by GAARAA (Version:1.5)    

IMAGINATION HAS NO BOUNDARIES IN THE WORLD OF ETS2!The pack contains, “Challenge Manual”, “Readme” file, the “Realistic Traffic by GAARAA 1.5” mod, the “Traffic Challenge by GAARAA 1.5” mod and the “Volatile Traffic by GAARAA_1.5” mod within the zip-file. (USE ANY ONE OF THE MODS.)

Realistic :- JUST SIT BACK AND HAVE Fun. Please maintain good space between vehicles ahead of you, specially trucks and busses follow a defensive driving routine.
They will just not step on the foot pedal, but will manoeuvre through challenging roads, turns and curves.
Skilled driving is required if behind a truck or a bus when travelling across a hill.
Plan your journey well, as to avoid dense day traffic.
The few bad ones do not follow the no-overtake traffic rule anymore, so be attentive and don’t take anything for granted.
No one will let you pass easily at road exits and roundabouts, so be cautious.Challenge :

“The Challenge” is back, and this may be a test of your patience…   Your fellow truckers in the traffic have decided to challenge you with different tasks along the way…  which certainly makes your journey more interesting. There are trucks in the traffic that pose a challenge to you. If you are right behind a challenging truck, you might have to complete the task it throws at you.
Please refer to the “Readme” or “Challenge Manual” inside this package for more information on challenges.
Some challenges are funny and some are adventurous. Just take it as an amusement… & Enjoy.
Please post videos of your completed challenges.Volatile :- KEEP YOURSELF ON YOUR TOES AND HAVE FUN!!!
Get your “Safety Gear” out and be ready for a joyful ride in the circuit called ETS2.
Volatile Traffic is something that forces you to continue directing all your attention and energy to driving.
Traffic density is frightfully high, but the flow is also amazing.
Patience is needed at road exits, sharp curves on hills and cities.
You will enjoy the rapid skills of the ai-traffic.Updates:-
Ai-traffic pattern restructured.
Reduced the number of accidents.
Challenges are clearly visible than in the earlier version. (on demand)Finally guys, Please share videos of the moments you experience using this mod. and …surely……….
Look Out for that Crazy Driver.Constructive feedback appreciated.Attention! For optimum outcome do not modify. (specially speed-limits)Respect the original link !!!Enjoy and DRIVE SAFELY…

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