FORD F-MAX V2.0 1.37 MOD

FORD F-MAX V2.0 1.37 MOD

*Openable Windows
*Chrome, Paintable and Bright versions of all removable accessories
*Better view on Mirrors
*Various internal and external issues has been fixed

*Original F-MAX Interior and Exterior
*FORD Trucks Dealer (in Berlin and optional)
*Original Dashboard
*Original Sounds (Ford Cargo 1842T from EngineVoiceRecords)
*Standalone Modding
*Animated Handbrake
*Animated Pedals
*Support for Cabin Accessories
*Support for SiSL Mega Pack
*Cabin lights(blue)
*Skin Template
*4×2 Normal and LL Chassis
*EcoTorq 12.7L Engine
*500 PS engine, 2500 Nm torq
*ZF 12TX2620 Gearbox
*Changeable Front Grill(Black or White)
*600L Main Fuel Tank + 450L Extra Fuel Tank (Optional)
*GPS Navigation
*Orginal catalog color
*Support for Turkish Paint Jobs Pack DLC
*Support for Window Flag DLC
*Truck of the Year Paint Job
*FIA European Truck Championship Paint Jobs
*Support for European Logistics Companies Paint Jobs Pack (Mod)
*Side Skirt
*Adjustable Spoiler (Low(standard), Low 2, High, Very High, Mid High)
*Customizable Sunshield
*Animated Mudflaps (optional)
*Different screens for navigation (standart, small gps, multimedia)
*Top bar for lighting
*Realistic license plate(SCS Software or Custom)
*You can buy from Mod Dealer
*You can choice on Quick Jobs
*You can start a new profile with this truck
*Compatible with standard game features
*Compatible Game Version: 1.37.x


Publisher: @simulation Hasan Elmaz Öfke – SimülasyonTÜRK
Modelling and Textures: Bertan Baday @bertan06, Emre Aydın @Hardoux)
Convert to game: Emre Aydın
Dashboard: @Oscar
Sounds: Engine Voice Records ( @Vasily EVR
Sound record and photos for Real F-MAX: @OnurKull
Photos for Real F-MAX: @Eugene
Support for SiSL's Mega Pack and very special thanks: @SiSL (Selçuk İslamoğlu)
Catalog Colors, FIA ETRC, Truck of the Year Paint Jobs: OnurKull
Support for Turkish Paint Jobs Pack DLC: BlackMoon (BM Logistics)
Support for European Logistics Companies Paint Jobs Pack: Ahmet Soydan (SinagritBaba) @Sinagrit_Baba
Closed Beta Testers: OnurKull, BlackMoon, Süleyman Fahri Kurt(SFK), Ahmet Soydan (SinagritBaba), Özkan Poyrazoğlu (feelgoodinc)
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