-Completely reworked interior and dashboard with HD-textures, new parts and components;
-Two new interior variants, four interiors total available: three factory and one tuned;
-Dedicated interior for Space cabin;
-Added 3 and 4-spoke steering wheel with various colors;
-Correct dashboard computer by 50Keda;
-New HQ outside interior models;
-Support for both EU & UK trucks;
-Improved visual look of truck model;
-Five new cabins and 30 new chassis variants;
-Standard and chip-tuned engines, which vary by sound too (by Kriechbaum);
-Lots of tuning parts;
-Added engine badges;
-Advanced coupling supported;
-Two new windshield wiper modes;
-And some other features, which i forgot))
To use tuning parts from 50Keda you will need to install 50Keda Addons mod first!
Mod is tested on ver. 1.25.x. Not compatible with previous versions! Mod is not fully support OpenGL, crashes are possible!

Changelog for ver.1.4 (03.11.16):
-added interior lights;
-improved interior lamps textures;
-added dedicated interior for space cabin;
-some improvements in cabin model;
-added new decorative parts to interiors;
-improved some material settings for outside and inside truck parts;
-fixed errors in definition files;
-fixed errors in truck model, which can cause issues with advanced coupling;
-engine sounds inside truck iterior now more quiet, as in real life;
-improved blinker sounds (taken from real DAF XF 105);
-added missing daf startup sounds;
-improved door handles;
-added new models of side and front mirrors. Main mirrors model was improved too;
-navigation system display now shows not only front mirror camera picture, but also gps and time;
-reworked front, fog, rear and sky lights. Improved blinkers;
-added new types of rearlights: doubled rear lights and Hella LED lights;
-new taillights now can be installed on old mudguards;
-added slots for small lights to all sideskirts;
-added new tuning variants for:
bumper, top and bottom cabin grills, emblems, chassis, fuel tanks. Also added paint variants for SCS lo- middle and hi-bars;
-air intake, fifth wheel and cabin spoiler holders now are tuning parts and can be customized;
-added decorative parts for bottom and top cabin grills;
-added two eyelids to install on headlights;
-and other small changes.

AlexeyP, Kriechbaum, 50Keda, SCS Software

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