Pacton Container Pack V 2.1 ETS2

Pacton Container Pack V 2.1 ETS2

With new version all bugs and all things was fixed!

The pack include: 45ft container, empty chassis, 20ft and 40ft, 40 ft reefer container, 2x 20ft chemical container, 40ft container, 20ft chrome cistern container, 40ft high cube container, 30ft tank container and
2x 20ft chassis with 18 Skins each.

Wheeks are made by Abasstreppas, lights Powerkasi, license plate illumination by Ohaha, trailer Donaldboy and Richal Lechuza, containers and skins Nordisch, Reyhan Ramadhan, Capelle, Tony1971, Gordon_Gecko, SheryO, Samson, EED123, Arnook, Roadhunter, Pauli, Holly and MarcDo.

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