Bank Data:
– period of time for bank loan repayment:
100 000,-€ payed in 104 weeks (2 years), (7% interest rate = 148,-€/day)
200 000,-€ payed in 156 weeks (3 years), (5.5% interest rate = 199,-€/day)
350 000,-€ payed in 208 weeks (4 years), (4% interest rate = 261,-€/day)
500 000,-€ payed in 260 weeks (5 years), (2.5% interest rate = 293,-€/day)
– added insurance data

Economy Data:
– truck refund is 65% of original price
– small garage costs 110 000,-€
– garage upgrade costs 70 000,-€
– productivity plan for:
tiny garage is 5 000,-€
small garage is 30 000,-€
large garage is 60 000,-€
– fuel discount in your garage is 25%
– abandoned job fine is 3 000,-€
– cargo damage cost is -3,-€ per 1% of damage
– cargo damage cost factor is -2% of total cost penalty per 1% of damage
– driving time: 10.00 Hours
– sleeping time: 09.00 Hours
– AI drivers make positive income (does not lead to bankrupcy)
– hired driver basic salary is cca 83,-€ per day (30 295,-€/year) + 0,25€/km revenue
– driver hire cost is 500,-€
– skill distance limits have been changed
– when you buy your own truck your salary is going raise to cca 120,-€ per day
(43 800,-€/year) + 0,40€/km revenue

Experience Bonuses:
– XP penalty for late delivery is set to 40%
– XP penalty for damaged cargo is set to -4XP per 1% of cargo damage
– XP bonus for perfect delivery is set to 19%
– XP bonus for ADR delivery is set to 16%
– XP bonus for important delivery is set to 15%
– XP bonus for urgent delivery is set to 25%
– XP bonus for fragile delivery is set to 17%
– XP bonus for long distance delivery is set to 20%
– XP bonus for valuable delivery is set to 13%
– XP bonus for parking is set to 45XP
– XP bonus for cargo delivery is set to 50XP per 100km
– XP bonus for free roam is set to 25XP per 100km
– XP damage cost is -3XP per 1% of cargo damage
– XP damage cost factor is -2% of total XP per 1% of cargo damage

Police Data:
500,-€ car crash
350,-€ avoid sleeping
100,-€ wrong way
120,-€ speeding (camera)
120,-€ no lights during night
120,-€ red lights
120,-€ speeding

Special Event Data:
– you can take your first loan and start your business after 2 jobs
– levels (Lv) for credit rise (CR):
Lv2=CR = 300 000,-€
Lv7=CR = 600 000,-€
Lv12=CR = 1 000 000,-€
Lv17=CR = 1 500 000,-€
– first dealer is unlocked after 20 mins

Pardubak, SCS and Alexas_Fotos

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