Great Mod on Traffic V1.25 MOD

Great Mod on Traffic V1.25 MOD

Maud made up of the most diverse traffic.

Fashion content:
1. AI Traffic Cranetruck for 1.23.x by Solaris36
Model 3D by RoadHunter (Trailers pack)
Adapted to ai traffic by Solaris36
2. AI Traffic Pack (TDU2) for patch 1.23
Authors: Eden Games, Atari, Serj999
3. Big Bus Traffic Pack by Solaris36
Solaris36 (skins, configuration & updates), LinuX Mch & Marcus Vinicius (models 3D)
4. Asphalt 8 Traffic Pack FINAL version
Author: alkonavt96
Frank007, SlavikSD, Ivan Savchuk
6. Traffic Bus Marco Legacy
Author: Agus Cahyono
7. Henki AI Snowplows Service v 1.2
Authors: SCS, Henki73, losevo58
8. Bugatti Veyron AI Traffic Car
Authors: Traffic_maniac, jazzycat, losevo58
9. Renault Kangoo in traffic with skins
Author 3D-models – Unknown
Conversion, Adaptation – Alexx_Os
Skins – Upiter, SNAIL_KILLA
Changes to version 1.23.xx: losevo58
10. Fire truck traffic (with the siren)
Authors: JL Truck; alkonavt96
11. Ambulance + Traffic Police (SOUND SIREN
Mod original (EuroPolice v4): Solaris36;
Skin Samu e PRF: Edson Teles;
Mod final (alteracoes / juncao das skins com mod EuroPolice v4): JL Truck
12. Three of the tractor-trailer in the traffic, and a bucket with a bucket of firewood. Animation beacons and exhaust.
Author: AlexGold
13. American yellow school bus
Authors: SCS, losevo58, SlavikSD

In archive two files are added:
1. Mod to increase traffic – D.B Creation High Traffic.scs
D.B Creation & SCS Software s.r.o. 2016
2. Aggressive traffic behavior – Aggressive_AI1.1.scs
Author: Maximate
By assembling the fashion for traffic and content refinement to version 1.23.xx: losevo58
Great mod on traffic, I checked on the version: 1.23.xx without third-party mods on traffic.

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